Historical Background
Ain el Rihane is a small quiet town located in Kesrouan, 21 km north of Beirut with an average altitude of 350 m and an estimated population of 4000 people. The 2000-hectare area is bordered by the stream spring of Hrach to the north that separates it from Daraoun and Bkerki, Shaile to the east, Jeita to the south and Aintoura to the south and west. The whole area is surroundedwithpine trees and its moderate climate and fertile soil give the chance to benefit from somelittle cultivation of olives, almonds and vineyards.

Previously, Ain el Rihane consisted of three villages: Ain el Rihane, Beit el Kreidy and DeirHrach. It was well-known by its great springs where basil plants “الريحان”grow, from where came its name.

In 1946, it got connected to the water network of Nabe’ el Aasal and electricity lit its homes for the first time in 1948. The municipality of Ain el Rihane was founded in 1981, but remained under the authority of the District Commissioner until the municipal elections of 1998 when it elected its first municipal council composed of 9 members.

The town holds the first monastery for the Legal Sisters in the Maronite community, the monastery of John the Baptist – Hrach, which includes an elementary and boarding public school. Moreover, it hostsSesobel which is considered as one of the top humanitarian associations in the country, in addition to Ain el Rihane Club Association that is responsible for all sporting and cultural activities and the Consulate of the Republic of Togo, three churches and much more to discover in our precious Ain el Rihane.

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